Sometimes the fact that you feel strong and that the control is in your hands,hiddenly makes you weaker than ever!
You can't feel,you don't accept anything,all the things you show are just lies.
Lies,with which you want to control the others.
Your inner world is nothing but pain,suffer,tears..broken walls in the house of the poor one.
All these things have made you very cruel and strong person...obviously!
In fact,the fear is all around your body,inside your mind!
Nowadays the world has became so cruel place to live in, that you haven't realize something - NOT THE WORLD IS YOURS,BUT THE WORLD POSSES YOU!
The world you live in has made from you a machine,has given you this ROCK castle to live in.
Castle,with which you only destroy,but never help or shelter someone from the storm!
To be strong doesn't mean to hurt!
To be happy doesn't mean to keep this feeling only for you and not sharing it with others.
Just think of these questions and tell me:

Isn't it the right time to unveil those beautiful eyes,as you hold up more than you realize...?

Оригиналът завършва ето така:
Just think of these questions and tell me:
If the worst thing in this world is the Loneliness?!

Това го писах в един от дните,които прекарах в онази съблекалня във Франция.
Само хората,които бяха там могат да опишат какво беше..
Лично за мен остава незабравимо!!!

Сейнт Брис Корсей,
там някъде близо до Реймс,
август 2006