Riga Ostvald Secondary School

Незабравими 29.11.-03.12.2010



How affects a working visit  

Riga Ostvald Secondary School.

They waited us at the entrance.
We rush in with curiosity into the school.
This is the class of Elena Platonova. And she herself.
She presents as a strategy of her textbook in action
The theme – GENEROSITY.
Her class is of 30 knowledgeable and capable pupils.
After the lesson everyone is pleased.
We know where is Bulgaria…
Photo of memory.
After us the classroom is deserted.

Math lesson starts.
The teacher Nuzhnenko Anna Nikolaevna is a young virtuoso.
The theme of the lesson is about Cube which doesn’t  bother anyone.
There is a picture with success students again .
But room is deserted.

Here are the students - in an organized break.

The teacher  Catherine Tarabantova Yuryevna presents us a lesson in natural history
The lesson is a string of activities. There is diligence and sincere interest, joint results…

The students do not notice that they have taken the attention of the guests…

The Literature lesson starts.

The teacher Vostryakova  Raisa Timofeevna puts  a string of tasks. The theme - means of expressions in the TALES passes as a game. New pictures of memories are an expression of perfect score…

What a surprise!

A correction  work.
The teacher is unique. Children felt inspired. Love is mutual.
Thank you Vasilyeva Svetlana Alexandrovna.

You can see the study results in the corridors too.
Here are memoryes  for school grades.
Project results…
eTwinning exhibition… Made by students…All  ...

We're in the staff room. Where is the teachers?

Preparing tomorrow's lesson.
A gym…

A library…

Chemistry room…

The school is connected with its teachers

We have a look in the Office of the Head of School.


We expected a special greeting.
The presentation of the partners starts…

We complete the visit with words of admiration and gratitude.
Photo of memorial.

Stored and updated educational tradition.


Delighted – R.D. Photos – M. Tafrova