Ijoy Shogun Kit | OBS Cube MTL Kit – kit launched in the end of 2018

Hello guys. 2018 is ending and this is my last blog in year 2018. And in the next year I will continue to recommend you best vape kit 2019 . Well, let's see today's leading role, two kit, Ijoy Shogun Kit and OBS Cube MTL Kit, they all have an attractive look.

1. IJOY Shogun Univ Kit

From the start, six design options are immediately available - quite a good variety. A complete non-service is already familiar to us - Ijoy Katana Sub Ohm Tank, so we will not touch it. By the way, this is how this mode should have originally looked. Do recesses on the side panels remind you of anything?

IJOY Shogun Univ Kit review 

The control panel focuses on the front smaller end. Metal buttons, rounded profile. The display is monochrome, but the variety of information provided is decent. At the base of the connector for battery charging and software updates.

The box mod looks pretty. As practice has shown, this appearance, coupled with a similar form factor, is highly in demand. The battery compartment is hidden under the removable side panel, which is fixed by magnets.

2. OBS Cube MTL Kit

This time, we are pleased with the company OBS . I admit, according to the first photos I was very interested in the mod in this set, because the second component - non-service has not been interested for a long time. So, they drove me to the table :) Nothing, no one has itching in the causal place of this phrase?

First of all, you should pay attention to the form factor, the profile - the exact square, in addition to the dimensions on the horizon looms good ergonomics.

OBS Cube MTL Kit review 

As you understand, now the manufacturer has proposed a new set based on the old fashion and the new MTL tank . It should be interesting, because in my memory it is one of the most worthy of such sets, in which both mod and atom are decent and perfectly correlated with each other in terms of usage.

Dimensions: 81.5 x 30.6 x 30.6mm (128.5 x 30.6 x 30.6mm whale completely)
Weight: 152g Case
Material: zinc alloy
Power supply: built-in 3000 mAh (23600)
Output power: up to 80W. Operation

Okay, that's the end of this, happy new year, my vapors, I hope you have a great start in the next year and have a happy vaping mood.