I was blinded by the light..
This new inspiration..this new sunbeam..
It just..turned into my scariest nightmare...
To dream for the impossible and for the perfect...
Beauty,charm and everything, that could makes me feeling higher than before..
Life's too shitty..
She is too screwed..
By the light!
By the everything she thinks she is, but in fact she is not!
By me!
By my love..which I wanted to give..but not anymore!
Suffer,,pain,,tears,,screwed lives shined by the hell beneath us!
Too shitty!
I'm strong lady!
Remember that!
I'm even stronger!

Ok, Miss Perfect..u think that everything is all right..hmm,think again..DEEPLY!
What is the weather now Miss Perfect?
How is deep inside?

Illusion is you and you are illusionary nightmare.
Your power is great..used only to hurt!
I was the only one.
I was this missing part of your heart.
And I'm still!
And will be!
And got to be!
But life is just too easier..and I prefer it to be like that!
But not together!
Stay there in your kingdom and remember me..
Remember the person who is somewhere outside..
I still exist!
And remember the fact,that u won't have me,cause u're too affected and blind.. your "perfect" soul....