The last ale

We go, we march, we still go on and still we did not fled
We live, we cry, we have the tears and also die sometimes
The souls are helpless, lion fierce and souls are truly dead
The hope is lost, the flesh - decayed, the hour is in chime

We live, we fight, we see but never touch the ground
We bleed, we rot, we fall on foot but never kneeling down
Nothing has left, nothing exists, `nothing` never forgives
A shadow come, a darkness gown, a quicker death to give

The white has gone, the black arrived, the color is no more
The peace inside, a children's cry, the final civil war
Solution's gone, emotion's done, the feeling is a jail
My life has finished, i drink for it ... my last and only ale!

24.01.2007, 00:55 h.