Time, forever gone!

I woke up and saw my face in the mirror

There was a stranger, covered with wrinkles under the eyes

I woke up and the image was not less clear

Nor was it closer to the heart, but catching up with vice


It’s not the man, but the shadow of a long-forgotten warrior

The one who loved death and death loved him back

Insulted, wounded, beaten, once loved, travelled far to  Moria

To the world’s end, for the mightiest of all and final strike.


No honor when you fall down drunk

No love when you go to bed alone

No respect, when youngsters call you : punk!

No time when lost is all the joy and fun.


Now all that once was, just came to pass

And all the battles – just a memory of life forever gone

No glory, no fame, no home and no stars

The journey ends, the warrior is tired, all life is done.