Уебинар с Adrian Underhill

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Продължават безплатните уебинари с някои от нашите популярни автори. Първият за този сезон ще бъде с Adrian Underhill (биография). Темата е: 'The Sound Foundations Phonetic Chart. How to use it and have fun with it'. Надявам се, че презентацията ще ви бъде полезна.

Phonetic Chart "I will take you on a guided tour of the chart and its layout. I’ll show you how I introduce it and help learners to ‘discover’ the muscles that enable them to make new sounds. This is wonderful because suddenly they experience pronunciation as concrete and doable, and they feel confidence and a precise purpose right at the start. Then I’ll show you ways of using the chart for vocabulary learning and for connected speech, and I’ll suggest tips and hints for integrating it into everything that happens in the classroom, including correction and prompting. I believe that pronunciation is the Cinderella of language teaching, neglected but still waiting to surprise everyone with its beauty and elegance! And I think this approach is motivating, joyful, and successful. See if you agree....!"

Adrian Unnderhill


Дата: 8 септември, Начален час: 16.00 ч.

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